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hallo, es geht um den kauf eines neuen O2!Wei nicht ob das hierher geh rt, und ob es schon mal behandelt wurde.

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new engine control software is sufficient and when a technical correction is necessary. The vehicle keepers will be notified in succession over the coming weeks. Volkswagen is making progress with implementing the technical solutions for affected vehicles: the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has given the go-ahead for the modification of around.1 million further vehicles of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi brands. August 2016, volkswagen receives go-ahead from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for the modification of models with the.2-litre EA189 TDI engine. No, the CO2 and fuel consumption levels measured will in the course of the type approval process be incorporated into the future new vehicles' documents and into all trade communications. All the vehicles concerned are safe from a technical standpoint and roadworthy. The wltp is therefore more practice-oriented. Implementation can therefore soon begin on the first of the vehicles of the third and final engine size. Yes, all the vehicles concerned are safe from a technical standpoint and roadworthy. Volkswagen will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about any measures. Will the planned field action apply to all vehicles affected? Read more News - 04 November 2016 Volkswagen receives go-ahead from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for the modification of models with the.6-litre EA 189 TDI engine The technical solutions for.6 vehicles with EA 189.6-litre TDI engines have been approved by the. Our customer service is happy to assist. What are the consequences now for customers? The owners of these models are being successively informed and can then make an early appointment with an authorised workshop to have the update done. Read more Load earlier articles Frequently asked questions On this page you find important FAQs dealing with the current development at Volkswagen. Nothing changes for the customer.

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Are Volkswagen petrol engines also affected by emission problems. Dennoch wird erfahrungsgemäß von den Händlern ein Nachlass gewährt. Here you will learn how a special testbench mode is activated in the vehicle on the test bench that calls up a specified profile for testing exhaust values 2litre EA189 TDI engine, however, the KBA has thus so far approved more than. August 2016 Volkswagen receives goahead from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for the modification of models with the. All affected customers can then book their vehicle in for the modification at an authorised workshop at a time of their choosing. Volkswagen Group new vehicles offered within the European Union with EU6 diesel drives comply with legal requirements and environmental standards. What exactly happened during dynamometer runs 2litre EA189 TDI engine The Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA has approved the technical solutions for vehicles with the 5 million Group vehicles for the modification. A label in the spare wheel recess confirms that remedial measures have been carried out. Can the optimized software cause any damage to the vehicle. We are modellpflege contacting the affected customers individually.

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Are the official test values not worth the paper theyapos. We will show you here how hazardous substances are gradually removed from diesel engine exhaust in order to comply safely with the requirements on the worldwide markets. This information is also archived in the electronic vehicle history accessible to every contract partner. Which means that the homologation figures and the realworld consumption can only be compared with one another to a limited extent. It produces a comparative value and provides customers with a benchmark for evaluating different vehicles from different manufacturers in terms of their consumption characteristics. What movie park familientag size of deviation are we talking about between the stated CO2 levels and the followup measurements. Are engines with EU6 standard affected. All necessary official approvals within the remit of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA have now been issued for the modification of diesel vehicles with type EA189 engines.

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