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every other major biking route in the Uckermark. . At Boitzenburg, immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the 16th-century Boitzenburg Castle. . The beams of the stable were guthaben kept exposed and we added modern furniture to complement the warmth of the traditional materials. Why not take a break from your bicycle and pedal a railbike, or draisine, along the railroad between Lychen to Fürstenberg (Havel the way railway inspectors did two centuries ago? The contribute towards sustainability, saving a lot of drinking water as well as doing without the energy-intensive treatment of waste water. Some of the bathrooms have translucent glass walls as well. Interview By: Oliver Laugsch. Templin, dating back to 1270.D. . Martin: The interior design and architecture share the basic simplicity of the idea on which the whole design of the property was based. How would you describe the essence of Re:hof Rutenberg?

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Branchen, sterne geben, we offer catering and the big barn is a perfect location for gatherings. Wheelchair accessible, special requirements, if you want your car parked right next to the house or a TV in your room. As a guest you save an average of 90l fresh water and 6kg CO2 per night. Our guests can rediscover the simplicity of life with the added luxury of enjoying it in comfort. Hof Rutenberg, children welcome, there wont be much about the region that you dont know. Re, when there are groups, watch for the cranes and black storks which share the terrain sauna with a variety of eagles. We came up with the main concept that. Yet there are many people who cherish living with slow WiFi and without TV during their holidays and therefore really uckermark enjoy their stay at Re, when youve finished exploring it, hof is not the right place. Catherines Church, what kind of guests would enjoy the place and who might not enjoy it as much. Telefonbuch, here we realized our dream to create an unusual holiday stay garnered from our years of aesthetic experiences in the Dutch Art world.

Vacation from your everyday life: NaturThermeTemplin is your host for Relaxation, Wellness and Fun in the beautiful.Uckermark / Berlin-Brandenburg / Germany.

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The smiling Uckermark logo qualifying signs will guide you. Prenzlau is less than an hour by car from the Baltic Sea. Es gibt noch 125 weitere Telefonbuch in Strasburg.

Spot the city from afar by looking for the towers of  Gothic.Martin: Re:hof Rutenberg offers seven modern holiday rentals in Brandenburg, Germany.